What trends can the digital marketing world expect for 2022?

Read below to discover the trends we are keeping our eye on for 2022.

The need for digital marketing has expanded significantly as there are increasing amounts of active online shoppers. In such a growing field, it is important to stay ahead of trends!

/ linkedin

LinkedIn is growing by the second. No, literally! LinkedIn is growing at a rate of 2 people per second. With 780 million users across 200+ countries, there is nothing but opportunity on this booming platform. If you have not started marketing on this platform, now is the time to do it because 80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn.

/ nano influencers

Nano influencers are established content creators with less than 10K followers. Oftentimes, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to collaborations and partnerships. Nano influencers have more highly engaged audiences and tend to create more genuine content. Nano influencers are also normally well known to a niche community which benefits you when trying to reach your target audience.

/ video content

This should come as no surprise. Video content has been trending across all social platforms. Inspired by Tiktok, there are now short-form videos and Reels on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest. When creating successful video content, it’s vital to be creative, innovative, and entertaining. Not only is video content popular, but so are virtual live events such as Instagram Live. Instagram Live is a great way to boost engagement and connect more with your followers!

/ ai

Many big-name companies like Amazon and Spotify are starting to rely heavily on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Similar to how Siri works, AI helps businesses analyze consumer behavior and search patterns. Believe it or not, AI is now behind many services like content creation, email marketing, chat boxes, and search engines.

/ google’s new algorithm

Google recently made an announcement regarding their updated algorithm. This update focuses on ranking websites that have better quality content for users who are searching. When users search the internet, it’s common that they search a question rather than keywords. How can you ensure your business is at the top of their search list? Before we answer this question, here’s a crash course on how Google’s SEO works. Google uses 3 basic steps when it comes to creating a search list. 

  • Step 1 – Crawling: Google searches for new pages and adds them to a list of “known pages”. This verifies your website as an actual website.
  • Step 2- Indexing: Google then analyzes your content and understands what your page is about
  • Step 3 – Serving: This is the final step after verifying and analyzing. When a user searches for something, Google tries to find the most relevant answer and provides them with that link at the top of the search list.

Now that you’ve read up on Google SEO 101, what else can you do to ensure your business is seen? Make sure your page loads fast and it is mobile-friendly. It is also critical you are putting useful content on your page and you are constantly updating it.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving thanks to new technology development. In this constant state of change, businesses are rushing to adapt by leveraging new tools to their advantage and thereby staying connected with customers.

Which new marketing trends do you find most interesting for your 2022? Let us know!