Virtual Networking Tips

Getting ahead with a solid team

Comparing the world to a few months ago,

it seems like we can’t get any more digital. But chances are that after this is all over, various companies will remain in the digital space due to the effectiveness of working from home. 

We all know that networking is a vital aspect of building and growing a B2B company. As virtual networking becomes increasingly popular, here are a few tips on how to leverage this opportunity of taking networking directly to your computer screen.

1. Gather Information: When joining video conferences, gather information about attendees and topics of interest in advance so that you can maximize your time.

2. Interact: Don’t just be an observer, get involved! Stay active in the event’s chat by submitting questions and making connections with other virtual attendees.

3. Social Media: Expand your networking reach by turning to online opportunities like LinkedIn. This can be a great way to follow and engage with industry leaders and prospective customers. Have your professional profile strong and ready to make connections!

4. Be Proactive: Be sure to capture the names, emails, and social handles of the people you are interacting with in order to keep the connection strong.

When incorporating virtual networking into your to-do-list, it can seem a bit personal and nerve-racking. However, just like in-person events, the more you do it, the easier working the (virtual) room will be. Keep growing your business connections and relationships while respecting the need for social distancing with this new digital approach.