Shout it Out: Crafting the Perfect Call to Action

There is so much information out there – some might say too much

You can get completely lost in it without the help of one critical copy component: a killer call to action. Strategically placing an effective call to action throughout your website, social media, and marketing materials will increase conversations by spelling it out for the reader on how to take the next step.

Want to know how to create an effective call to action? Consider these top tips. 

/ stand out. No matter what your call to action says, it is important that your call to action is easy to find and easy to click.

/ be specific. “Learn more,” while better than nothing, is too general. Test out some more impactful versions of this such as — Take Your Finances to the Next Level, I’m In!, Sign Me Up, or Take a Deeper Dive. It will be more engaging and fun for your reader if you get a little more creative.

/ use action verbs. Most calls to action should include a verb, inviting the reader to do whatever it is you’re asking them to. However, take a closer look at the verbs you’re using. Are they standard? Think about giving them an upgrade. For example, swap the boring Submit button for Drop Us A Line or Share Your Thoughts.

/ leverage urgency. When and where appropriate, create a sense of urgency for the reader in order for he/she to prioritize clicking on the CTA button. “This Week Only!”, “Save My Seat” or “Reserve Now” is a great addition to your call to action for email campaigns or social media. Use this tip sparingly so as not to lose believability of the urgency.

Take a look at your website and materials. Are you following these strategies for a great call to action?

If not, we’d be happy to review your site with a complimentary 15-minute call.