5 PR/Marketing Trends You Need to Know

We have been demonstrating the extent to which the marketing landscape has continued to expand at a personal and professional level throughout 2021.

Worldwide, we have been seeing the extent to which the digital marketing landscape has expanded throughout 2021, thanks in part to the necessity of shifting daily life due to COVID-19.

The digital world is now more advanced than ever. With every new update in technology comes several marketing strategies that can be successfully achieved through the execution of the latest marketing trends.

Continue reading to learn about the five current marketing trends that you can potentially implement within your business as we approach 2022.

/ online events

Online conferences are becoming commonplace in today’s modern era. It allows businesses to reach their audience from a different place, at a different time. Promoting your event could include email marketing, social media marketing, paid ad campaigns, and cross-promotion.


/ direct mail 

Direct Mail allows you to reach more of your target audience because it targets heavily specific customers. Direct mail is also more likely to stand out and get read, which ultimately increases brand awareness.


/ video content

Most social media platforms are switching gears to encourage more video content than ever. This content marketing strategy is considered one of the most effective trends. Social platform users enjoy easy access to both audio and visual content in one place, making it one of the most interest-sparking trends to get a message across.


/ behavioral targeting

Ad retargeting and behavioral advertising is still considered an effective marketing trend that will continue in 2022 as it uses web-user information to strengthen advertising campaigns and to deliver better messaging. And better yet, is leveraging retargeting to continually put your message in front of an interested audience.


/ embrace being a thought leader, not a hard seller

Thought leadership content is a type of content marketing where you demonstrate your expertise with the goal to provide answers to questions that your target audience is asking. It is an effective trend because it encourages those who consume your content to develop a feeling of your company’s competence and trustworthiness.

Today, we have access to a variety of tools and resources online with the purpose of providing opportunities for businesses and individuals to engage and grow this upcoming year.

New trends are constantly surfacing in the marketing field, in the meantime, we can continue to explore our options as we jump onto newer and more innovative alternatives.

Which of these trends will you be adopting in 2022?