Marketing Trend Alert: How Reels Can Make or Break Your Business Brand

Reels are a visual summary of an experience. At Velocitas, we make use of reels as a tool for our clients to deliver a palpable preview of their products or services, in a way that captivates their targeted audience.

As more and more platforms push for short-length video content – Facebook Reels, Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikToks – it is crucial for your business to keep up with the demand for visuals.

These 15-second long videos allow users to gain perspective on your product or service in a fun, digestible way. Regardless of industry, your business can use this tool to better engage with existing or potential clients, that of which you can directly target and cater to with the use of reels.

/ Your First Reel

While creating short videos can seem intimidating at first, it is essentially just a different, highly engaging format, for the content you are normally creating.

When making reels, stick to your niche audience, but don’t be afraid to convey your brand in a humorous, or uniquely creative way. Like any new social media platform tool, it is normal to be skeptical or dismissive at first, but our expert team at Velocitas can assure you this tool is tried and true.

/ The Algorithm 

Something to always keep in mind when creating content for your business brand is a platform’s algorithm. There’s no way for Instagram users to engage with your business if you are nowhere to be found on the Instagram explore page.

Currently, Instagram Reels take up about ⅔ of the Instagram explore page, making it very difficult for your business to gain traction without the use of reels. Additionally, make sure to share reels to your feed posts and your Instagram stories, as this allows for more engagement with your reel.

The Algorithm also favors reels with eye-catching thumbnails and reels that use popular audio or trends. Trends for short-length video content are ubiquitous, but few are sustained for long periods of time. Pay attention to these rising trends early on, as they are a key component of rapid mass engagement.