How Public Relations Can Help You During A Crisis

leverage PR

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to adapt,

to new circumstances and discover new ways to manage a business, even changing the business model in some sectors. As a global marketing and public relations agency, we’ve been compelled to leverage our PR expertise in a whole new way by implementing crisis communicationcrisis management, and plenty of strategic planning. While we regularly help manage the flow of positive information under normal circumstances, this has shifted to another level during the pandemic. This is a time where PR professionals can be increasingly proactive and work with their clients to find and feed stories of hope, success, and good news.

Here are 3 things business professionals should know about PR during a crisis

  1. Digital communications. No matter the format of business you operate, digital communications is an important element of a company when we are all forcibly connected to our computers and cannot be together in person. Investing your time in learning new digital strategies to communicate will shift your mindset from uncertainty to control. 
  2. Building relationships. Digital exposure is an equally important and crucial way to get yourself out there. Being digital puts you in a position of assisting your customers or clients and provides support to those who need it from you.
  3. Stay the course. Throughout your messaging, remaining on message can be a crucial step in handling a crisis that affects us all in different ways. There is enough negativity going around, so your clients and online followers are not looking for more to top it off. Give them a space to concentrate on their work or focus on something positive. Provide something that removes them from the news. Brainstorm stories and share how your employees are helping out during this difficult time. 

Most businesses across the globe have had to adapt to working digitally or increase their digital communication efforts. All we can strive to do during times like these is provide support, resources, and a genuine sense of selflessness for your clients to feel protected. As we shift to a new normal, let’s all continue the path of positivity and resilience.