Are You Measuring Your LinkedIn Success?

LinkedIn is a big part of our daily lives.

It showcases your experience and professionalism through a virtual resume platform where you can connect with others!

However, LinkedIn is much more than a virtual resume, it is a social media platform that allows your profile/brand to grow and expand through content in the form of videos, text, images, and gifs.

A big portion of your creative content’s execution is measuring the success behind that content.

LinkedIn allows you to measure your success through the metrics we have listed below:

/ profile views

Where someone has consciously chosen to look at your profile. They might already be connected with you or not.

/ post views

If you’re scrolling through your feed, you’re adding a view to each of those posts! LinkedIn counts a post view every time a post is presented in someone’s feed.

/ social selling index

Also known as SSI, measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand and engaging those who visit your profile!

/ search appearances

The ‘LinkedIn Search Appearances’ feature tells you how many times your Profile has appeared in search results between a given time period.

Your success on LinkedIn depends on how well you use it. It is crucial for you to learn how to use and record your metrics on this platform because they will allow you to understand the ideal content you must direct towards your target audience.

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