case study

CityGrader is an online platform that allows members to provide feedback to their local governments through a grade and review system. It is the first platform to allow the public to directly weigh in on the people that work for them.


As a startup company, CityGrader came to us with a need for branding, website design, and media relations. At the time, the client had only a temporary website in place.


Create Awareness

Develop Online Presence


Promote Startup


Public Relations

Web Development



Velocitas worked with the CityGrader team to create a comprehensive brand, including the development of the website, video, marketing materials and email campaigns. We also created a public relations campaign that resulted in a large feature story in both print and online in the region’s most widely read newspaper, the Miami Herald for a total brand impression of more than half a million readers.

website development 

marketing campaign 


public relations campaign

Features in print and digital.