3 Tips For Maintaining Productivity and Company Culture as a Remote Office

the new office space

Now more than ever, 

working from home has become a significant trend in the workplace. Many companies, from law firms to corporate offices, are allowing their employees to work from home and deliver all work via email or one of the many software platforms for workflow. In fact, some believe that “The Office of the Future is No Office at All” (WSJ). 

Working from home is not only eco-friendly, but it can save time and money for both the company and its employees and can ultimately lead to a happier workplace overall (as long as the work gets done!). However, if you struggle with staying on target or ignoring distractions, accomplishing tasks away from a traditional office space can be a struggle.  

Here are three tips for successfully working remotely, and how to maintain a corporate culture that embraces this modern office structure.

Clock In, Clock Out

It’s essential to be focused and present during your work hours. Complete all personal errands and tasks before or after your scheduled work time, because when you’re “clocked in,” you must remain accountable to your team and ensure that you are getting your part of the work done. Even from afar, you and your team can work together cohesively if you have a mindframe of being clocked in. 

Create a Virtual Workspace

Whether you work from home, a coffee shop, or a shared space like WeWork, working in an organized environment provides the feeling of being in an office while in the comfort of your own space. Whether this means setting up a desk at home just how you like it or packing a travel laptop bag with all your daily work essentials, no matter where you are, you’ll be prepared to handle anything that might otherwise be taken care of in an office. 

Change of Scenery

Working in the same environment every day can become mundane. If you find yourself zoning out or having cabin fever, don’t be afraid to change locations. A local library or coffee shop can be a great environment to get work done. You will likely be surrounded by other people who are busily accomplishing tasks as well. 

No matter where you choose to work from, the corporate culture of a great remote company will follow you – and it can be just as effective, if not more effective, than a traditional office. Take some time this month to think about your company’s internal culture and what you can do to consistently build upon it, whether together in one space or not. Company culture is an important part of your overall brand, so make the right moves to cultivate an environment of which both you and your staff are proud.